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4.8 Star Rating on Google! Why Shop Elsewhere?

3 Questions to Ask Your Used Car Dealer Before You Sign

3 Questions to Ask Your Used Car Dealer Before You Sign

There are many factors to consider when you decide to buy a used car, whether it’s your first time buying or want to trade up your existing car for a newer model. Browsing used cars can bring up many questions; however, there are questions you should ask your car dealer after you settle on a vehicle as well, and we’re ready to help you understand what they are and why you should ask them.


  1. Does the Car Have a Warranty?


Some used cars are still under their original factory warranty, or we may be able to offer you a limited warranty on a used car, depending on the vehicle you choose. Asking our salespeople about what kind of warranty options you have can help keep repair and maintenance fees low.


  1. What Is the Car’s History?


Before you commit to buying a used vehicle, it’s important to understand its history, such as whether it has been in any accidents or if it has undergone any recent repairs. In many cases, a vehicle history report can be obtained by our salespeople, who can help you understand what it contains and what the information might mean for you as the car’s new owner. The more you know about a used car, the more informed a decision you can make about buying it.


  1. What Are My Financing Options?


Depending on your credit history, you may have more than a few options when it comes to how you make your car payments. Our salespeople can let you know whether we work with local lenders or if you have the option to use in-house financing, which can be convenient and a viable option if you cannot obtain credit from a bank. Understanding your financing options can help you get the lowest monthly payment possible.


Navigating the world of used cars can be challenge for you as a buyer. However, when you know which questions to ask, you can feel more confident that the car you’ve chosen is the best fit for your lifestyle and budget.

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