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How To Find an Exceptional Used Car

How To Find an Exceptional Used Car

Every day our lots are filled with hundreds of great used cars. We stand behind our cars and won’t put them out on the lot until they are completely clean and checked for defects. Among our cars, though, are some truly exceptional deals: excellent cars at great prices. Here are a few tips for finding the best previously owned cars for sale.


Do Some Research


It always pays off for the customer to do a little research when shopping for a used car. There are a number of industry reports that provide excellent information for the car buyer. Kelley Blue Book is a great source of data on the market value of a car and consulting this can help the buyer negotiate a favorable price. Carfax and AutoCheck can give the vehicle’s history and alert the customer to cars that have had a serious accident in its past.


Consumer Reports and J.D. Power come out with annual reports that analyze the reliability of hundreds of used car models. While almost all pre-owned cars nowadays are pretty good when it comes to dependability, some models definitely outperform the crowd and are above average. Finally, a customer should look for reports that detail a car’s depreciation rate as well as its total cost of ownership, which considers maintenance, insurance and operating costs.


Walk the Lot


We also recommend that customers come in and take some time walking our lot. The look of a car is an important consideration for many buyers. We offer many different makes and models of cars so we think it is a good idea for a customer to see what is available. The final step is taking one of our used cars out on a long test drive. This can tell the customer if he or she will be happy driving this car for the next few years. These steps should lead the buyer to an exceptional used car.

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