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4.8 Star Rating on Google! Why Shop Elsewhere?

How to Inspect a Used Car

How to Inspect a Used Car

Purchasing a used car offers several financial benefits, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all used cars are created equally. To ensure you’re making a good financial decision, use this guide to help you do your own inspection before money exchanges hands.


Do a Visual Inspection of the Outside


The first step to inspecting a used car is to check the paint job and other exterior features. A simple glance is not enough. Take the time to look at it from every angle. If you see areas that look “wavy,” it could indicate a paint job that is hiding rust or other major problems. In addition to visual cues, you should run your hand over the car’s joints and panels to check for roughness that could point to a cover-up paint job.


Check the Car’s Tires


All four of the vehicle’s tires should match and have even wear. Check for feathering, which could be a sign of an alignment problem caused by bad components or frame damage. Be sure the tires have enough tread and that they hold air properly before purchasing.


Check Under the Car’s Body and Hood


Visible rust under the vehicle or its hood indicates larger problems. Dents or other damage are also indicators of possible problems. Look for pieces that appear to be newer than other pieces. This is a sign the car has been in an accident.


Check the Vehicle’s History


Finally, ask the dealership to provide the car’s full history for you to look at. The history should tell you about any problems the car has had. If it has ever been listed as totaled or having had water damage, you should keep looking.


reputable used car dealership such as ours will allow you to do your own inspection, take a thorough test drive, read the history and even have your own mechanic look at the car. Be sure to do all four to ensure you’re making a sound financial decision.

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