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Three Perks of Purchasing a Car Maintenance Program

Three Perks of Purchasing a Car Maintenance Program

Coverage for prepaid maintenance plans ranges from one make to another, and can run from basic oil changes and tire rotations to full coverage for up to five years. Some programs even include free roadside assistance. If you sell your vehicle before the designated end of your maintenance program, coverage extends to the subsequent owner, which may help raise your resale value. Prepaid plans are geared towards creating positive relationships with customers, and are used as a negotiable perk on the sales floor. As such, they often offer services at a substantial discount to outside prices.

Enjoying the Amenities of a Dealership Service Department

When it comes to car repairs, many would rather pass a kidney stone than visit their local mechanic. Luckily, dealership operated service departments offer the same car maintenance services as your local garage, but with many additional perks such as coffee, massage chairs and free wifi. This can turn a much dreaded experience into a calm, relaxing part of your day.

Convenience Factor

Your only responsibility is to bring your car in at the manufacturer determined mileage intervals, and the dealership does the rest. The dealership will notify you when it is time to complete a service, and all records of maintenance will be kept in the same system, and will be available on request. Thorough maintenance documentation can help keep your car in warranty, and can come particularly in handy by increasing the resale value when you and your vehicle part ways. The most comprehensive programs even include valet pickups and dropoffs, so you maintenance can be completed without a need for you to even leave your home.

Locking In the Price of Maintenance

With prepaid maintenance plans, all costs are known and paid for in advance. Typically, the cost is rolled in with the total vehicle cost. This means that price increases will not affect your budget. This also means that the final dealership cost of the vehicle is a closer reflection of the total operational costs, and so can be better budgeted for.

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