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4.8 Star Rating on Google! Why Shop Elsewhere?

Tips on Negotiating Used Car Prices

Tips on Negotiating Used Car Prices

Haggling for the price of a car is a staple in many television shows and movies. While you do not always have to try to negotiate, it can be advantageous if there is a car you want, but it is just a little bit outside of your price range. Here are some steps for having a more fruitful haggling process.


Do Not Get Too Attached


This is a good tip when shopping for used cars in general. You do not want to get overly attached to any single vehicle. The reason is that you are likely to spend more money than you have if you fall in love with a car. Keep an open mind and be open to looking at other vehicles even if you find one you really like.


Know the Price


At our dealership, we make sure our vehicles are priced fairly. However, if you personally want to be assured that you are getting a good deal, you can look up the Kelly Blue Book value of a certain model of car. While there are numerous factors that go into determining the value of a used vehicle, having that baseline is a good step to starting the negotiations.


Stick to Your Price Range


Before visiting a dealership, you need to have a number in mind of how much you are willing to spend. In fact, it can be beneficial to have two numbers. One should be what you would like to pay, and the other should be the absolute maximum you are willing to go up to. You do not want to go over budget, especially if you will be taking out a loan on this purchase.


You will feel a lot better about your ultimate purchase if you are comfortable for what you are paying. At the end of the day, if you are not comfortable haggling and are OK with the given price of a used car, then you can simply buy it.

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