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What To Look At When Purchasing Used Trucks

What To Look At When Purchasing Used Trucks

Buying a used truck has a lot of benefits.  They are significantly less expensive than new trucks and usually just as reliable.  Many of them participate in some sort of dealership certification program, and buyers of used trucks aren’t subject to absorbing the radical depreciation that occurs once a buyer drives off the lot with a new truck.  Generally, new trucks depreciate about 30% in value during the first two to three years of ownership.


When you are shopping around for a used truck, there are several specific items you should look at, including mileage, previous ownership uses, what kind of title it has, as well as considering what you’ll use the truck for.


When you are looking at the mileage of the truck and if you can find out who the previous owner of the truck was, you can get a more clear indication of how it was driven.  If the truck was a work vehicle or used for heavy towing, hauling or off-roading, it may have been driven a little wildly.  If it was a teenager’s first vehicle, you might want to be a little wary.  Trucks that were primarily used as commuter vehicles are often in better condition than trucks that experienced a lot of stop and go traffic.


When you’re looking at used trucks, you’ll want to make sure that any serious contenders have clean titles.  With services like CarFax and AutoCheck, it’s a lot easier to learn this information.  You’ll want to know if it’s been in any accidents and what type of work has been done to the vehicle.  Many vehicle owners are vigilant record keepers, so you’ll be able to find out this information rather easily.


Your truck choice will rely heavily on what you’ll be using it for.  If it’s going to be a work truck and you plan on using it for hauling and towing, you’ll want to consider a diesel engine truck.  Diesels have better towing capabilities than gasoline trucks and have a longer life, as well.  They can go for miles much more reliably than their gasoline counterparts.  For running errands around town, you’ll probably want to consider looking into a smaller gasoline truck.


Used trucks are a great option if you’re in the truck market.  You can find a dependable used truck that will accomplish all you need it to do for thousands less than a new one.

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